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Presents Specialist Plastic Surgery Doctors

02 Maret 2020 | 02 Maret WIB Last Updated 2021-01-29T10:47:49Z
North Kayong Regency Secretary Dra Hj Hilaria Yusnani (second from left) and Head of Sultan Muhammad Jamaludin I Hospital dr Maria Fransisca Antonely (second from the right), reviewed preparations for cleft lip and palate operations at Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin I Hospital in Sukadana, Friday (14/2 / 2020). PR of the North Kayong Regency Government for SUKADANA POST
SUKADANA, Head of Sultan Muhammad Jamaludin I Regional General Hospital (RSUD), dr Maria Fransisca Antonelly S.Mars said the Parama Abhipraya Foundation presented plastic surgeons.

This was revealed in a collaboration between Sultan Muhammad Jamaludin I Sukadana Hospital and the Parama Abhipraya Foundation.

Precisely in the social operations of cleft lip and cleft palate services. Located at Sultan Muhammad Jamaluddin I Hospital in Sukadana, Friday-Sunday (14-16/2/2020).

"Surgery for patients is handled by plastic surgeons. Patients with the palate of the patient need to be hospitalized. During surgery preparation and after surgery," she said.

She explained that this activity aims to help the poor. So no need to spend your own funds to operate.

"Usually, the cost of cleft lip or cleft palate surgery costs anywhere from Rp.5 million to tens of millions of rupiah. But that depends on the case. Because, there are only lips, some are in-deep," she concluded. (mah)
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